hungry eyes festival is being organised, curated and realized by twelve film- and performance makers who met each other mainly through their common studies at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies. The organizing team sees itself as a collective that works together in a democratic way and provides for a fluid distribution of work according to personal interests and capacities, rather than insisting on a strict division of tasks. It tries to create structures that enable them and the invited artists to work together under appropriate and mutually enriching conditions. It is important to us not to reproduce precarious work structures, neither for us as organizers, nor for the artists of the festival.

Within the team we count our work hours and pay ourselves accordingly. In this way we want to avoid that organisational works, such as writing the logs, bookkeeping, etc., is paid less than, for example, curating or planning the discussion formats. We are aware that this method of payment cannot guarantee absolute fairness, but this approach is the one that has proven to be the most loyal and undisputed in our discussions.

Generally we are guided by the lower-fee-limit (Honoraruntergrenze) published by Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste.

Frithjof Gawenda

Frithjof Gawenda 451 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse (* born May 14, 1997 in Stralsund) gained experience in the theater with mentally handicapped people as an assistant director and as an actor in film and television. After graduating from school and doing various internships and assistants, he began studying Applied Theater Studies. He has always been to be found as a temporary technician and lighting designer, performer and dramaturge in various independent theater platforms throughout Germany.

Elena Giffel

Elena Giffel has been working for almost 20 years in different theater groups as an actress, director, stage- and costume designer, technician and dramaturg. For one year she worked as assistant at the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg. Later she took part in a collective production at the Gorki Theater Berlin in the frame of Büchnertage 2013 Since 2013 she studies Applied Theater Studies n Gießen and works there, alone and collectively, on her own productions, audio dramas and festivals.

Linda Gottwald

Linda Gottwald has been studying art and philosophy for teaching at the University of Kassel and the Kunsthochschule Kassel and since 2018 in the double study of visual communication at the art college Kassel. She gained some installation and conceptual experience in the art in a contemporary context class, studied graphic design at Isdat Toulouse in 2019 and is currently in the editorial design class.

Herbert Graf

Herbert Graf studied literary studies at Universität Hamburg andApplied Theater Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. His works, which situate themselves between stage performances and exhibition formats and were worked on partly alone and partly collaborative, were shown i.a. in Frankfurt LAB, Cammerspielen Leipzig, Prinzregententheater München, Kunstverein Mönchengladbach, Neuen Kunstverein Gießen and Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. For Ruhrtriennale 2019 he curated the short film program Films In Between.

Amélie Haller

Amélie Haller works as a performer and independent artist in performance art, as well as a curator for hungry eyes festival. Her works have been shown in Keller der Kleinen Künste München, Theaterdiscounter Berlin, Frankfurt LAB, Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitaggelände in Nürnberg, Gängeviertel in Hamburg and Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. In her current performance she is experimenting with performative and narrative possibilities of tying together the human and animal, body and technology, fiction and reality - for this purpose she received a debut-funding from the city of Munich.

Eva Kirsch

Eva Kirsch has been working collectively on performances and cinematic projects in the contexts of installation art, web and the big screen since the beginning of her studies at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies and besides as an organising member of student festivals. Recently she has been working several times as a cinematographer (i.a. for a music video of Frankfurter Hauptschule), as artist support at Festival für Politik im freien Theater at the Kammerspielen in munich, as a theater teacher for FSJ-workshops as well as in the catalogue and press department of Diagonale – Festival des österreichischen Films. At the moment she has a keen interest for curational processes and festivals as social and discursive spaces.

Leonie Kopineck

Leonie Kopineck (she/her) already worked as directors assistant at Theater Duisburg before her studies of theater studies and comparative studies in Bochum and later Applied Theater Studies in Gießen. Institute for Applied Theater Studies Afterwards she was a directors assistant at Otto-Falckenberg-Schuleand Münchner Kammerspielen (e.g. Hochdeutschlanddirected by Kevin Barz). Besides the organisation of students festivals she was also working as artist support for TANZPLATTFORM in Munich.

Maren Küpper

Maren Küpper develops performances, dance- and choir-pieces. Her performance Hard Feelings has been invited in 2019 to State of the Art Festival in Hildesheim. Together with Kerstin Oppermann she developed in 2019 the performance Team for In/between Festival in Gießen.
Furthermore she works as a director's assistant and production manager, i.a. for Susanne Zaun/ Marion Schneider and SKART.

Anne Mahlow

Anne Mahlow studies Applied Theater Studies at JLU Gießen and works as an artist, dramaturg and curator. Alone and in different collective contexts she develops performances, installation art and audio pieces, which has been shown e.g. its Staatstheater Darmstadt, Mousonturm Frankfurt, FFT Düsseldorf swell as Ruhrtriennale. She is part of the performance collective Hain/Kapsner/Mahlow/Romaowski. In 2016 she was one of the founding members of "hungry eyes festival". Since July 2017 Anne Maslow is part of the dramaturgy at Ruhrtiennale, as well as working as a curator. Since 2018 she curated in the frame of Ruhrtriennale a performative and discursive program for the Third Space created by raumlaborberlin.

Svenja Polonji

Svenja Polonji studies at the Institute of Applied Theater Studies in Gießen and worked for one year as an assistant at Staatstheater Braunschweig. As a board member ofAlleineinboot e.V. in Bad Segeberg she developed performative meeting projects with refugees and citizens. She is awardee of the Deutscher Bürgerpreis, as well as awardee of the Queisser Juniorenpreis and performed in music videos by 2raumwohnung and Messer. In 2020 she showed her installation Island Dreams at Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt.

Sophia Scherer

Sophia Scherer develops performances and video works and searches for hybrid forms of those genres. Before her studies of Applied Theater Studies she already worked as a scene/set designer and as an assistant and intern in different theaters in Graz and Berlin.

Anja Schneidereit

Anja Schneidereit studied cultural studies and French philology in Potsdam and Toulouse and started her dramaturgy studies 2015 in Frankfurt am Main. Her own theater work deals with bodies in public that are confronted with spatial events and is situated between installation and performance.

nikolas Stäudte

nikolas Stäudte (no preferred pronouns) studied German as a foreign language in Leipzig and worked as a directing and dramaturgy intern at Staatsschauspiel Dresden, as well as in press and public relations for euro-scene Leipzig. Besides the studies of Applied Theater Studies and wagework in the cinema, nikolas realises his own projects in different collaborative constellations, that were shown among others in Mousonturm Frankfurt, Cammerspielen Leipzig and Thalia Theater Hamburg. Staatsschauspiel Dresden as well as in press and public relations for euro-scene Leipzig. Neben einem Studium der Angewandten Theaterwissenschaft und Lohnarbeit im Kino, realisiert nikolas eigene Projekte in verschiedenen kollaborativen Konstellationen, die unter anderem am Mousonturm Frankfurt, Cammerspielen Leipzig and Thalia Theater Hamburg .

Eva Streit

Eva Streit completed her education to become a contemporary dancer at Contemporary Dance School Hamburg. She worked i.a. as a performer in projects by Johanna Bruckner, Patricia Carolin Mai, Rica Blunck and Niels Wehr, and as a artistic assistant for the integration project Salon International in Hamburg. Since 2018 she studies Applied Theater Studies in Gießen. Her own artistic works were shown at TanzArt ostwest, Tanzlabor Hamburg, as well as eigenarten-Festival Hamburg. I I
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