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Pressestimmen zum hungry eyes festival 2021

"Film art and experiments from all over the world were shown at the Giessen Hungry Eyes Festival in the digital space this weekend. The organizers, film-enthusiastic students of applied theater studies, presented a program that met all demands from spectacle to hermetic art, funny and stimulating films included. The closing "Trash Night" also shone with quirky ideas and great contributions."

- Heiner Schultz (Gießener Anzeiger)

"The hungry eyes festival 2021 is currently being planned by thirteen film and performance enthusiasts who got to know each other while studying applied theater studies in Giessen and the surrounding area. The organizing team sees itself as a collective that works together on a democratic basis and ensures a fluid distribution of work according to personal interests and skills, rather than insisting on a strict division of tasks. They try to create structures that enable them and the invited artists to work together under suitable conditions."

- Bojana Kunst (philosopher, dance- und performance theoretician and dramaturg)

"Overall, a wealth of stimulating, occasionally pleasantly confusing, and also highly aesthetic works and elements won over viewers on all three days of this Giessen film festival."

- Heiner Schultz (Gießener Anzeiger)

"With the Trashnight and the special category Trash, the festival, which targeted the gaze as such at the intersection of film, performance and installation, took the unserious seriously and the serious not too seriously. The little films, often regarded as "tastelessness" and "anti-art," were thus given a place as "pearls of art film" - and the three-day festival a worthy conclusion."

- Karola Schepp (Wetterauer Zeitung) I I
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