outreach program

The exchange between audience, artists and curatorial-team is an important part of hungry eyes festival. We are planning curator-guided tours and moderated talks. In this offer the diversity of our audience will be reflected, as well as it is supposed to appeal to all different kinds of audiences.


Our curator-guided tours give insight into the selection and composition of the installation art works and performances. During the tours the works and their content, forms of presentation and possible layers of meaning will be presented and mediated. The focus will be on questions related to the works’ discussion on film as a medium, as well as the direct relation between the artworks in the space. The tours will give a deeper insight into the curation of hungry eyes festival and encourage an exchange about the works.

At least one of the tours will be held in English.


For our talks we meet up with audience and artists. Together we want to start a conversation about film as a medium and more closely examine the intersection of film, performance, and installation art as presented in the festival. In a topic-related exchange we want to reflect on the works already seen.

One of our talks is dedicated to trash night. Here we want to take a closer look at trash as a phenomenon and sharpen our thoughts about the relation between trash night and the further program.

Depending on the needs of the groups the talks will be held mostly in German and/or English. If necessary, we will make sure that there is enough time for translations.

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