outreach program 2021

Opening (a festival) despite closed doors. This is a special challenge that the supporting program of hungry eyes festival 2021, as well as the whole cultural sector are facing this year. With the following formats we took on this task and thus asked you and ourselves: What does the word "together" mean right now and how can a festival-visit look like in the digital space?

hungry short film talk (live + online)

We need to talk! Audience and artists are invited to talk live on a joint video conference about the shown works of the film program. The moderation will be held by two members of the curation team and we would like to talk not only about the short films themselves, but also the whole program as a synthesis of the individual works.

hungry festival talk: How to imagine a festival that did not happen (live + online)

What remains of an exhibition when the artists themselves can’t be there, the artworks aren't set up and the audience can't enter the space? Maybe imagination and the willingness to make artworks tangible not only as material objects but also as ideas in our heads. Or is the artwork inseparable from its body? We don't know either but we want to find out with you! Guided by members of the curation team and/or the artists the audience is invited on an imaginary ‘dream-journey’ through the exhibition that never happened.

hungry eyes manual - How to watch together when we’re not together (online)

What belongs to a visit to the cinema is not only a great program but also the ritual around it: standing in line and hoping that there are still tickets available, getting the last one, finding your seat and munching popcorn. Since the online-cinema of hungry eyes festival can hold an unlimited number of spectators this year - and all of them can get their favorite seats - there is only one thing left to do:

In our hungry eyes manual we will personally guide you to your seat in your own room and prepare you and your space for an exciting film program.

hungry channel (online)

What short film programs will happen next, what talks shouldn't you miss and when will start the great Trash-Night-Gala? With the telegram-channel implemented by hungry eyes festival you are always up to date during the festival.

hungry documentation: performances and installations in the digital space (online)

On our website you will find extensive documentation of all invited works. Especially the installation art works and performances will be made accessible - or rather: imaginable with the best possible means due to the particular difficulty of their online representation. The talk "How to imagine a festival that did not happen" will deal specifically with how these works can be experienced.

hungry portraits (online)

"Festival" usually means that artists, audiences and organizers all finally come together. Since this time we unfortunately can't run into each other by chance and say "Hey! Great to see you!" the artists and the curation team want to introduce ourselves in short video portraits on our website. More opportunities for exchange can be found in the live talks and in the hungry eyes telegram-group.

Trash Night Gala (live+online)

The film year 2021 is heading for its spectacular climax: the live broadcast of the prestigious 'Golden Toast Hawaii'-award for the trashiest short film. Once again we expect pure emotions, great musical contributions and a highly professional moderation to guide the audience through the evening. 

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some speedy action!

hungry for feedback

Do you have praise, criticism, ideas or want to contact us for any other reason? Write us an e-mail: kontakt@hungryeyesfestival.de. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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