the curation process

hungry eyes festival focuses on the intersection between film and other art forms. In this edition we once more will not set any thematic specifications or limits. We are interested in the handling of the medium film, the experimental combination with other media and the content-related, historical or aesthetic reference to film in artistic works.

The program of the hungry eyes festival consists entirely of works in the fields of short film, performance and installation, which are submitted via an open call. A selection will be made from the submitted works, which will then be shown during the festival from February 5th -7th 2021 at the KiZ in Gießen.

We curate the program collectively. This means that all team members view all submissions and then put together a program in a joint exchange process with several discussion rounds. At the end of the selection process, all eleven members of the hungry eyes festival should stand behind our program.

When deciding which works to show, we focus on content and aesthetic aspects, an experimental approach to the medium film, as well as the overall composition of the works. Thus, even during the basic selection process, attention is paid to the interaction of the works and to what thematic arcs and references in regards of aesthetic or content arise between the individual works. 

Pragmatic decisive factors are that the applications are complete and that the spatial and temporal requirements are met. We are of course also bound by our financial plan with the limited financial resources available to us for each submission category. We do not pay a flat fee per production, but for each artist involved. This may lower the chances for productions with a larger number of participants in the selection process compared to equally as interesting and high-quality work with fewer participants. We want to deal with this in a transparent way and therefore disclose this here. We are always grateful for questions and suggestions regarding the selection process.

We distinctly position ourselves against any discriminatory content with regard to origin, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability. Submissions with discriminatory content or statements will not be accepted, neither will solely promotional films or image films. I I
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