The 6th edition of the hungry eyes festival is organized by a team of five freelance artists and curators from Gießen, Dresden and Vienna. The organizing team sees itself as a collective that works together in a basis-democratic way and provides for a fluid distribution of work according to personal interests and capacities instead of insisting on a strict division of tasks. It tries to create structures that enable them and the invited artists to work together under appropriate and mutually enriching conditions. The aim is not to reproduce precarious work structures, neither for the organizers nor for the artists of the festival.

Within the team, we count the hours worked and pay ourselves accordingly. In this way, we want to avoid that organizational work such as taking minutes, bookkeeping, etc. is paid less than content-related work such as curation or planning of the mediation program. We are aware that even this method of payment cannot guarantee absolute fairness, but this approach is the one that has proven to be the most loyal and undisputed in our discussions.

Generally we are guided by the lower-fee-limit (Honoraruntergrenze) published by Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste.

Amélie Haller

Amélie Haller (she/her) studied the Master of Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, Germany. She works as a freelance artist, as well as curator of the hungry eyes festival and as a performer in the independent theater scene in Frankfurt, Munich, Marburg and Gießen. Amélie's own artistic works range from performance to film and text. Together with Maren Ada Küpper she also works as a producer under the label ‘take the money and run GbR’. In 2021, her short film tell me your searchwords was invited to the feminist Porn Film Festival Vienna and in 2022 her work on holes premiered at TNT Marburg. Amélie currently works artistically on Antarctica as an immense phantasm of negation and extremes.

Elena Giffel

Elena Giffel (she/her) (*1984) studied philosophy in Würzburg and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Applied Theater Studies in Giessen. She works as a freelance artist, director, costume designer and author. Since 2016 she is co-organizer and curator at hungry eyes festival.

Eva Streit

Eva Streit (she/her) works as an interdisciplinary artist and producer in the field of performing arts. She completed her training as a contemporary stage dancer at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg and is currently studying Applied Theater Studies in Giessen. In her own work, she is interested in the body in its relationship to its environment, various forms of the gaze, and installative and sculptural settings within performances. Currently she is working on the potential of danger, (soft) action and storytelling in textile art.

Herbert Graf

Herbert Graf (he/him) studied literary studies at Universität Hamburg and Applied Theater Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. His works, which situate themselves between stage performances and exhibition formats were shown i.a. in Frankfurt LAB, Cammerspielen Leipzig, Theater neben dem Turm Marburg, Kunstverein Mönchengladbach and Neuen Kunstverein Gießen. For Ruhrtriennale 2019 her curated the short film program Films in Between.

Kathrin Frech

Kathrin S. Frech (she/her) graduated from the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen in 2021 and has since been studying stage and costume design at the HfBK Dresden. She works collectively on scenic spaces, film and audio projects, which revolve around the sweet spot of female dilettantism. Her work has been presented, for example, at Seriale, the Federal Festival of Young Film, and the Berlin Radio Play Festival. She is also a co-organizer and curator at various festivals such as the hungry eyes festival and DISKURS35 and furthermore works as a freelance stage design assistant.

the curation process

The program of hungry eyes festival consists entirely of works in the fields of short film, performance and installation art, which are submitted via an internationally spread Open Call. A selection is then made from the submitted works, which will be shown during the festival in Gießen

Das Programm des hungry eyes festival konzentriert sich für diese Ausgabe auf eine der sonst drei Kunstformen – Film. Auch wird das Programm nicht wie sonst über einen internationalen Open Call zusammengestellt, sondern aus den Einreichungen der letzten Editionen neu kuratiert.

We curate the program collectively. This means that all team members view all submissions and then put together a program in a joint exchange process with several discussion rounds. At the end of the selection process, all members of hungry eyes festival should be confident in our program.

When deciding which works to show, we focus on content and aesthetic aspects, an experimental approach to the medium film, as well as the overall composition of the works as a program. Thus, even during the basic selection process, attention is paid to the interaction of the works and to thematic arcs and references in regards to aesthetics or content which arise between the individual works. 

Wir achten bei den Bewerbungen auf Vollständigkeit und Einhaltung der räumlichen und zeitlichen Vorgaben. Auch sind wir natürlich an unseren Kosten- und Finanzierungsplan gebunden, mit den uns zur Verfügung stehenden, begrenzten finanziellen Mitteln. Für Fragen und Anregungen zum Auswahlprozess sind wir jederzeit dankbar.

We distinctly position ourselves against any discriminatory content with regard to origin, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability. Submissions with discriminatory content or statements will not be accepted, neither will solely promotional films. I I
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